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Billy the Bully

Billy was a bully,
He always likes to punch people.
When ever people saw him they would run away.
But there was one person he liked to bully,
His name was Patrick.
Whenever Billy saw Patrick he would punch him with joy.
But Billy punched Patrick one time too many.
So Patrick had enough,
Patrick had been secretly doing tai-kon-do,
And when Billy came back again
Patrick showed him what it felt like.
And from that day on Billy never came back again.


Frog at school

I came across a frog
On the way to school
His legs were very long
Which made him very tall
I hid him in my lunch box
So the teacher would not see
He stayed there very quietly
Until frightened by a flee


Poem of Adjectives
By Aaron K

On my way to school I saw a turtle
It was a slow turtle
It was a big, slow turtle
It was an old, big, slow turtle
It was a spotty, old, big, slow turtle
It was a black, spotty, old, big, slow turtle
And it was walking to school to swim in the pool.


Poem about feelings

When I won a trophy
I was as happy as a dog getting a new toy
When I lost my pocket money
I was as sad as a lion not being able to eat
When I got to the top of the fear fail
I was as scared as a cat being chased by a dog

A recipe for Christmas

A cup of jolly to make Christmas fun
A packet of thanking to make it special
A jug full of gifts to make it exciting
A spoon full of love to make it peaceful
Stir with a bundle of happiness
Bake in the oven for that little bit of laughter
Serve it to your family while they are singing carols

Scary Poem

It’s nighttime and I’m sleepy
But there’s a noise that sounds so creepy
Scratching and tapping at my window
Scared frozen I want to go
Something’s trying to get inside
I couldn’t move though I tried
I had to take a look
Pulled back the curtain while I shook
Is that the branch of a tree?
That put the terror in me!


There was a new teacher from mars
Who liked to teach about cars
The head came in
And said with a grin
I didn’t now they had cars on mars?