By Cheyenne

Spring Triangular Triplet

By Lucy and Cheyenne


The Penguin

I came across a penguin

On my way to school.

His eyes so sinister,

Yet his beak so cool.

I stared at him for a while,

Then threw him in the pool.

You see, penguins like water,

And I ain’t no fool!

A Recipe for…

A Day on the Beach!

A drop of golden sunshine, to warm the day,

A cup of smooth sand, perfect to lie on.

A dash of sea spray, to make it special,

A packet of shells, great for collecting.

And a dollop of people, to make it exciting.

Stir with a flourish, as the beach comes to life,

Serves many, with an extra special pinch of joy.


I am as elated as a dog with a bone,

I am as lonely as a bird without its flock,

I’m as devastated as a fish held up by a rod,

I’m as miserable as a cat in water,

I am as excited as a monkey with a banana,

I am as lonesome as a dolphin without its pod.


There was an old lady with a hump,

Who couldn’t walk, run or jump.

One day she risked all,

But she fell in the hall,

And it all ended with a thump.

The Cat

When I was walking I saw a cat.

It was a feral cat,

It was a curious, feral cat,

It was slinky, curious, feral cat,

It was a hungry, slinky, curious, feral cat,

It was a mischevious, hungry, slinky, curious, feral cat.

And it followed me home!

Wish Poem

I wish I were

A doctor,

Helping many needy people,

Working in the medical lab,


Cut-Up Poem

Seasons Greetings

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas Church Services

Trail of Lights

Messiah, Christ

Santa's Workshop




3 Kings

Christmas Trees

Christmas Lillies



The Bully

Once there was a bully

He pulled peoples pants down... fully!

He thought he was very cool

Yet, he really was a fool.

He'd talk back to teachers,

They'd make him sit on the bleachers.

He wouldn't pay attention,

This just caused him another detention.

He was rude to students

Which would cause more arguments.

He would never learn the lesson,

Which is why he was the SCHOOL BULLY!


Frightened, petrified, shaking knees,

Have you ever felt any of these?

I have, what about you?

Nervous, fearful, afraid, terrified,

I think SCARED is the only clarified

Word for these?