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Contrast poem

Calm is that feeling you feel when you are positive that everything is okay.

It is that great urge that makes you feel confident about yourself.

Calm make you feel comfortable when you hear that little voice in the back of your head encourage you.

Nervous is that feeling you feel that makes your blood curdle.

It is that great scare that triggers you off.

Nervous makes you feel uncomfortable when you hear your pulse beat loudly in your ear.


A boy from Wellington

1) There was a boy who was from Wellington
Who loved traveling to Hamilton
A girl passed by and implied:
"Sorry, but are you called Klyde?"
"No I am not," he replied.

A new band from Canada

2) There was a new band from Canada
Who was all wearing a bandana
The band weren't very successful
And they all became so stressful
But their music was very cheerful

A girl from Hong Kong

3) There was a girl from Hong Kong
Who loved the movie King Kong
She had watched it nearly 10 times
She even knew all the rhymes
She can even mime!

Animal poems

Baby chicken at school

I came across a little baby chicken
On the way to school
His fur was very yellow
And his wings was very mellow
I hid him in my bag
So that the teacher would not see
He stayed there very quietly
Until frightened by a bee

Poems with Adjectives:

On my way to Antarctica

On my way to Atarctica I saw a penguin
It was a yellow-eyed penguin
It was a little yellow-eyed penguin
It was a cute little yellow-eyed penguin
It was a proud cute little yellow-eyed penguin
It was a delicate proud cute little yellow-eyed penguin
And it's name was Armstrong!

A Christmas Recipe Poem

1 huge mixing bowl
1 big wooden spoon
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
1 measuring cup
1 big bag
and a whole heap of your christmas spirit!

3 tablespoons of laughter
2 tablespoons of hugs
3 teaspoons of kisses
2 teaspoons of peace
4 cups of happiness
1 cup of joyfulness
4 cups of love
1 packet of sweets
4 bags full of presents

1. Preheat your oven to 200°c
2. Collect 3 tablespoons of laughter, 2 tablespoons of hugs, 3 teaspoons of kisses, 2 teaspoons of peace and put them in the big mixing bowl.
3. Mix with wooden spoon until the mixture is very soft.
4. Pour 4 cups of happiness, 1 cup of joyfulness and 4 cups of love to add to the mixture. Again, stir until soft.
5. Place in the oven for 20 minutes.
6. Then, place it on a bench for it to cool down.
7. Sprinkle the some sweets onto the mixture.
8. Serve to all your family and friends, and wish them a merry christmas!


1) I’m as happy as a pig playing in the mud
I’m as lonely as a dog without anyone to play with
I’m as sad as a shark trapped in a cage
I’m as annoyed as a cat that had been stepped on the tail
I’m as still as a lizard camouflaged in grass
I’m as excited as a cheetah ready to pounce on a squirrel

2) When I recieved many presents for christmas,
I was happy as a dog finding a bone.
When I lost a netball game,
I was sad as a snake being captured by people.
When I had no friends to play with,
I was lonely as a dog walking out in the streets by itself.

Triangle Triplets: By Jennifer and Jorraine



My Wish Poem

I wish I was
a bird
Soaring in the sky
Flying with my friends