my triangle poem


animal poem

One day while walking to school,
I found a small whale,
It even could fit in a pail.
I fount out it could fly,
And it liked to eat pie!
A very strange whale indeed.

Suddenly it talked to me,
“If you take me to the sea,
I will grant you wishes, three.”
I asked it for an orange tree,
A skeleton key,
And a cup of tea.
And then I set him free.

This day sure was strange,
But the next day,
I found a magical sting ray!


There was an old man from mars,
Who liked to drink at bars.
Once he was at the pub,
Drank till his brain was dud,
And couldn’t go home in his car.

bully poem

Once there was a bully,
His name was Chuck Nelly.
He hurt and pushed more than 1 kid,
When he came, people hid.
Then, along came a brave boy,
His name was Heiro koi.
He had a great superpower,
He could transform people at any hour.
Heiro went to face Chuck Nelly,
And he changed him very quickly.
Chuck became what he hated most,
A nerd that had no reason to boast.
Now chuck got his just dessert,
No more people would he hurt.
And everyone in school was now happy.

scary poem

One dark and scary night in bed,
I was shivering all over with dread,
For under my bed was the boogieman!
Suddenly I heard a loud bang,
So I hid under the cover with terror,
But I seemed to have made an error,
Because it was only something outside.

Now, I was covered in sweat,
But I wasn’t going to let the boogieman eat me yet,
I was going to confront him,
But I felt a bit grim.
I looked under the bed, ready for combat,
But all I found was my cute cat.

cut-up poem

the domestic cat or house cat
were an important celebratory element in the religious life of
definitions by having multiple stems and/or small size
through the correlation between a tree's stem diameter
for cutting thin material which requires little force
complex shapes in sheet metal
may refer to or be defined
in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising two large islands
Abel Janszoon Tasman and his crew
often flown from a pole or mast
can be used to communicate on an
theoretical surface which has infinite width and length
As mentioned above, they lack the complex organization
emphasizing evolutionary relationships, and so these groups
Ask questions.

adjective poem

On the way to school I saw an alien.
It was a silver alien.
It was a small, silver alien.
It was a strange, small, silver alien.
It was a shy, strange, small, silver alien.
It was a scruffy, shy, strange, small, silver alien.
It was a singing, scruffy, shy, strange, small, silver alien.
And its singing was horrible!

feelings poem

I am as happy as a lion that caught his lunch.
I am as scared as an elephant that saw a mouse.
I am as sad as a snail that lost its portable house.
I am as angry as a bull seeing red.
I am as confident as a kangaroo bouncing ahead.
I am as frustrated as a cheetah that got beaten in a race.
I am as lonely as dinosaur that couldn’t keep up with its herd’s pace.
I am as nervous as an animal facing a lion!

christmas poem

A cup of laughter to make it merry,
A bowl of family and friends to make it joyful,
A bag of presents to make it cheerful,
A sprinkle of music and carols to make it lively,
A layer of peace to make it happy,
A large packet of love to make it complete.
Stir with a decorated Christmas tree,
Bake it in the oven for a day,
And serve to everyone in the world!

I wish

I wish I was
A diver,
diving under the sea,
swimming with the fishies,


Delicious, Yummy,
Eating, Munching, Licking lips.
I could eat every day.