Bee at school

I came across a bee on the way to school
his antennae was very hairy
and his simple eyes were very small
I hid him in my desk
He stayed there very quietly
until frightened by a pen.

Cut up poems

They are having trouble getting sponsors
A percentage of funding goes back to the community
But its not what you think
Which is a growing trouble in some countries
Congratulations on your new car
Theres nothing worse than a rainy day
Smile for summer.


There once was a girl named Lola,
She always liked to drink Coca-Cola,
She got a cup,
Drank it up,
Then she left in her Corolla.

There once was a kid named Dale
Who put on his chair a nail.
His mother sat down
And it went through her gown
And you should have heard her wail.

Christmas Recipe

A cup of music to make Christmas peaceful
A spoonful of tinsel to make it sparkley
A boxful of presents to make it exciting
A houseful of sleep so santa will come
A table ful of food so santa will eat.
A worldful of love to make it happy
Mix all the ingredients together and then
cook them in the oven at 360 degrees celsius
for 360 minutes.
Then wait for 10 minutes to cool and then leave out
for santa to eat.