There once was a boy from Fiji
Who didn’t know how to climb trees
Somebody implied,
“How long have you tried?”
He answered: “From when I was three.”

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A Recipe for Christmas

1 teaspoon of hugs
1 teaspoon of kisses
3 teaspoons of love
½ cup of christmas spirit
2 packets of christmas decorations
3 cups of joyfulness
4 cups of generosity
2 tablespoons of laughter
1 pinch of mystery

1. Preheat oven to happy°c
2. Measure 1 teaspoon of hugs, 1 teaspoon of kisses and 3 teaspoons of love and place them in a large mixing bowl.
3. Mix thoroughly.
4. Pour in 1/2 cup of christmas spirit.
5. Pour 2 packets of christmas decorations to make christmas spakle and shine.
6. Mix in the joyfulness, generosity and laughter so everyone can be happy and merry.
7. Place in the oven to bake for 30 minutes.
8. When crisp and golden take it out from the oven.
9. To finish off, sprinkle on 1 pinch of mystery to make christmas exciting.
10. Serve to everyone you know, so they can have a wonderful christmas.


I came across an alien
When I was walking along.
Its legs were very short,
And its tail very long.
I thought no one should see,
So I hid it in my purse.
It stayed there very quietly
Until frightened by a nurse.


On my way to school, I saw a monster.
It was a mango-eating monster.
It was a messy, mango-eating monster.
It was a maroon, messy, mango-eating monster.
It was a menacing, maroon, messy, mango-eating monster.
It was a mean, menacing, maroon, messy, mango-eating monster.
It was a massive, mean, menacing, maroon, malevolent, messy, mango-eating monster.
And it sprayed me from head to toe with mango juice!

Bright Red Rat

I came across a bright red rat,
On the way to school
It was doing some backstroke,
In my neighbor's swimming pool!
I acted very quickly,
and I hid him in a box.
But they found him in the end,
and they were scared out of their socks!

April Fool Squid

I found a giant squid
In my backyard swimming pool.
I wondered if it was a trick,
After all, it's April Fool.
He swam up very slowly,
And said hello to me.
I thought that he was quite polite,
So I invited him to tea!

He couldn't fit through the door,
so we had a barbeque.
He really liked the chicken,
and especially the stew.
I went to sleep that night,
Thinking my day was really weird.
But the next day when I checked,
My friend Squid had disappeared!

A France Dancer

There once was a young man from France
Who simply LOVED to dance!
In fact, this bloke
When he awoke,
He blurts out: "How's my stance?"

Hideous Creature

I saw a hideous creature,
It was horrible to look at.
It's face was covered in warts,
And it's body was immensly fat!
It was so fat that it didn't fit
In the mirror one little bit.
Hang on, what?! A mirror?!
That can't be me, can it?

Triangular Triplet:


My Wish Poem:

I wish I was an
Journeying into the unknown of a vast jungle
Discovering new species of animals and plants

My Cinquain:

Festive, joyful
Shining, sparkling, glittering
I want more presents!

My Contrast Poem!

Morning is the start of a fresh, new day.
It is filled with the sounds of birds whistling a merry tune.
Morning is when the sun sleepily rises out of bed.

Evening is the end of a long, tiring day.
It is filled with people taking a lovely evening stroll along the calm beach.
Evening is when the sun sleepily climbs into bed.