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My Anthology of Poems:

Christmas Poem.
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A cup full of sugar to make Christmas sweet
A packet of glitter to make it shine
A jug full of cocoa to make it great
stir with a candy cane
Bake in the over for as long as you like
Serve it to all your family and friends
Written by Nicole.

I came across a...

I came across a monkey
on the way to school
His fur was dirty
and his eyes were red
I hid him in my bed

He stayed there very quietly
until he got a fright
when he saw me running the bath
very late at night
Written by Nicole.

There was a new teacher from Wellington.

There was a teacher from Wellington
who loved eating lamingtons
The head master came in
and said with a grin
do you want anymore or i'll
throw them in the bin
Written by Nicole.

On my way to school I saw a Leopard.

On my way to school i saw a leopard
It was a green leopard
It was a big green leopard
It was a fat big green leopard
it was a fast fat big green leopard
Written by Nicole.

Christmas Poem
On Christmas Day at half past three
Brew yourself a cup of tea
I’ll think of you – you think of me
While sitting round the Christmas Tree
Written by Nicole.

Frog Poem
There was a
strange frog from Peru
Who caught a very bad flu
A man who was passing
said excuse me for asking
but shouldn’t you be green not blue
Written by Nicole.

Feelings Poem

I am as happy as a frog on a lilly pad
I am as happy as a pig in mud
I am as lonely as a bird in a cage
I am as sad as a snail without its shell
I am as unhappy as a mouse that’s lost his tail
I am as happy as a bird that can fly
I am as sad as a fly with no wings
I am as lonely as a dinosaur.
Written by Nicole.

My Triangler Triplet Poem