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A recipe for Christmas

A cup of carols to make Christmas joyful

A packet of presents to make it loving

A jug full of lights to make it a bright Christmas

A spoonful of music to make it peaceful

Stir with a wooden spoon to make happiness

Bake in the oven for warmth and peace

Serve it to friends to make it joyful

Decorate Your Own Christmas Tree

Adjective poem

On my way to school I saw a dog

It was a big dog

It was an ugly, big dog

It was a scary, ugly, big dog

It was a crazy, scary, ugly, big dog

It was a hungry, scary, ugly, big, dog

And it wanted to lick me!

Ant at school

I came across an A

On the way to school

His head was very big

And his body was very small

I hid him in my pocket

Until frightened by a bee


Feeling’s poem

I’m as happy as a cat with a hot fire next to it

I’m as happy as a pig in a big mud pool to roll around in

I’m as lonely as a wolf without its pack

I’m as unhappy as a sparrow that’s lost its wings

I’m as happy as a mouse with lots of cheese

I’m as sad as a squirrel without its nuts

I’m as lonely as a cat lying in the sun alone

Feelings poem

When I got a new bike
I was happy as a Dog with a bone

When I broke my arm
I was sad as a snail without its shell

When I got lost in the shops
I was as lonely as a camel alone in the desert


Limerick poem

There was a young man called Marty

Who went to a Christmas party

He dressed up as Santa

At the party he spilt his Fanta

While he was eating hearty

Scary poem

One time I think I saw something scary

It looked very hairy

Then I found out he wasn’t scary

But it was actually a kind fairy

He liked to eat strawberries

And name was Barrie.

Animal poem

I came across a dinosaur

On the way to school

His big teeth were very sharp

And his green skin was very scaly

I stuffed him in my school bag

So my teacher would not see

Until he was frightened a small ant


I wish i were poem

I wish i were

a chicken

in KFC

cooking with the other chickens



Acrostic poem

P eople fast asleep
R udolfs stomping feet
E lfs with their pay
S anta in his sleigh
E ating biscuits on the way
N ice beer in his way
T ime is passing by
S anta is going as fast as a fly